There’s more to you than what meets the eye

woman doing a yoga with sun shining behind her
woman doing a yoga with sun shining behind her
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Spiritual health doesn’t get nearly as much attention or care as physical or even mental health do. And, while it makes sense, given the fast-paced, material world we live in, it saddens me to see how disconnected some people are from their own selves and, consequently, from others around them. All too often, I’m confronted with people who have no interest in anything beyond the physical. Money, status, power are all they’re chasing in this world. And, yet, isn’t there more to life than that?

As someone who’s had prophetic dreams since childhood, experiences with the extra-human world, and psychic…

Because why not?

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Looking through pieces I wrote years ago, I can tell you one thing. While they were structurally and grammatically sound, they were, to put it plainly, boring. Lifeless. Monotonous. You catch my drift? It wasn’t until a few months ago that I realized the essence of writing goes beyond that which is written. Truly successful writing invokes emotion. Shows the depth of one’s thoughts. And, most importantly, is fun for the writer themselves.

Now, how do we go about making writing fun? …

The social injustice foundation that has led to a climate disaster

grayscale image of a factory releasing fumes into the atmosphere
grayscale image of a factory releasing fumes into the atmosphere
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The more I learn about climate change, the more I realize the role that social justice has in reversing it. When it comes to who suffers most from impacts of climate change, it’s mostly countries from the Global South. It’s low-income communities who are unable to move to places with better quality of life standards. And its’s the BIPOC community that so often faces the consequences of , living in areas that are heavily polluted or near toxic waste incinerators. Now, sure, while we may think that we can simply use technology to get us out of this climate…

How my creative work has set me free

white bird flying in cloud-filled sky
white bird flying in cloud-filled sky
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A few years back, I recall struggling massively with any form of creative writing. I preferred to take on a third-person role in my writing, succinctly ejecting myself out of the very words I was crafting. In a sense, I thought that this was what good writing was all about — getting straight to the facts and leaving nothing to chance. While I was content with writing page-long essays on any given subject, I felt stifled by the formalities that they seemed to necessitate. …

Nothing worthwhile to see here… or is there?

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I’ve struggled with imposter syndrome for as long as I remember. Despite being what one may call ‘successful,’ I often felt that I was fooling myself and everyone around me.

I found myself thinking, ‘well, that was just a strike of good luck’ or ‘that was no biggie, anyone could do it.’ Being awarded valedictorian in high school? Well, the school was small so not much competition there. Going to state for an academic challenge? Eh, it was just dumb luck.

So, of course, upon starting my work in UX/UI design as well as expanding my writing career, I also…

The month where autistics are (maybe) marginally visible by the outside world for who they are

fireworks forming an infinity sign representing the symbol for neurodivergence
fireworks forming an infinity sign representing the symbol for neurodivergence
Image credit to Ryan Stone. The infinity symbol symbolizes neurodiversity and is frequently used in the autism community.

April is an important month for the neurodiverse community. Traditionally referred to as ‘Autism Awareness Month,’ it serves as a way to celebrate and empower all of those who fall on the autism spectrum. However, in recent years, there’s been much deliberation among the autism community, as to how much of this ‘awareness’ is actually beneficial.

At this point in human evolution, most of us are, at least to some extent, aware of autism. The point is that autistics, worldwide, are still being stigmatized and denied the opportunities that are presented to those who are neurotypical, or not on the…

And I didn’t have to pay a dime

As someone who has one foot in the so-called ‘real world’ and one still in higher education, I often wonder why the chasm between these two worlds is so expansive. From where I stand today, I can firmly say that everything I’ve been able to accomplish over the past couple of months, I would have never been able to do at a relatively ‘prestigious’ university.

Now, while I, myself, have believed that college is the route to success from as long as I can remember, it’s shocking to compare the value that…

Wait, you’re telling me I can’t reduce students to a single number?!

student filling out scantron test form
student filling out scantron test form

I don’t know about you, but I despised taking the ACT in high school. It was like this dreaded entity that hung over me from the time I entered high school. Teachers and counselors kept telling us how much this one exam mattered towards our college application, and I hardly recall a time when the ACT wasn't brought up (at least to some degree) in my classes.

The pressure entrance exams place on students is but one of many reasons for the increased push-back among students. It’s intimidating to think that one exam can make or break a student’s college…

Grab your heels and red lipstick because we’ll be fighting sexism in style

woman in black dress walking on sidewalk
woman in black dress walking on sidewalk
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“I love living under a patriarchal system,” said no woman ever. What we say, how we behave, and our likes and dislikes are under great scrutiny from the minute we enter elementary school.

I mean, how many of us were taught at an early age that dolls are for girls, Legos are for boys? I know I was. And yet, I recall hating dolls with a passion, and having to play house was the worst nightmare I could think of. Yep. …

mental health matters written out in scrabble tiles against red background
mental health matters written out in scrabble tiles against red background
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For as long as I can remember, I have always been told that I was “too sensitive” and “too emotional.” As the quiet, awkward kid in school, I frequently stifled the emotions that I had inside of me for fear of being made fun of. — I developed issues in discerning what I was truly feeling and what I was being expected to feel. I could not separate the real me from the mirage of me that was being painted by people’s expectations of me as a female.

In doing research on gender’s impact…

Ewelina Adamczak

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