📸 Credit to Edu Lauton.

Risk. Some people love it some people despise it. I, for one, used to identify with the latter group. As a perfectionist and worst-case scenario expert, there was no way that I would allow myself to step out of my comfort zone. After all, doesn’t it feel good to feel secure and protected? Well, what if I told you that life isn’t just about doing what we’re used to doing?

See, an integral part of life involves growth. And with growth comes change. Yes, I know. I used to be petrified of change as a child and still am in…

brown Scrabble tiles spelling out ‘real is rare’
brown Scrabble tiles spelling out ‘real is rare’
📸 Credit to Brett Jordan.

It’s hard to find real people these days. And, no, I don’t mean real in the tangible form (as I’m hoping most of us are). I mean sincere. Honest. Authentic.

Now, I’m not saying we should be telling everyone the story of our lives but wouldn't it be nice if people told you what was going on with them upfront? No more guessing games. Just the plain truth. Think about it. Wouldn’t we all feel much more comfortable with each other if we knew that the intentions of the person next to us were sincere and honest? …

It’s time to take ownership of your life & live the life you’ve always wanted

monarch butterflies resting on ground
monarch butterflies resting on ground
📸 Credit to Jonny Lew

When asked how we’re doing, most of us say we’re fine. We plaster on a (fake??) smile and pretend as if everything in our lives is going swimmingly. Now, for some this may be the case. But, for many, this is just a pretext, an excuse to refuse to own and confront our struggles, pains, and challenges.

How do I know? Well, I’ve been in that boat for the majority of my life. And, trust me, besides my mom, no one knew the stuff that I was going through. …

A satirical look at the social inequities that occur at the airport

📸 Credit to: CHUTTERSNAP

If I were to choose the one thing that irritates me the most is inequality, in any and all shapes. Wealth, racial, gender, social, cultural… the list goes on. Yet, it’s often hard to talk about inequality without having a concrete example to talk about. Well, given my recent lightbulb moment, you’re in luck. Without further ado, let’s check it out.

As a kid, I liked flying, for the most part. However, now that I think about it; the parts that I loved most were the planning and the destination, rather than the flight itself. Why is that? …

No work experience? No degree? No problem!

woman drawing wireframe with pen on paper
woman drawing wireframe with pen on paper
📸 Credit to Kelly Sikkema.

A few months ago, if you asked me to design a wireframe, create a user flow, or do a stakeholder analysis, I’d stare at you blankly. I hardly had any technical or visual skills. However, what I did have was passion and ambition. So, I decided to give it my best shot. Turns out, I would reap rewards I wouldn’t have expected, within a timeframe, I definitely wouldn’t have thought possible.

That’s why I’m here today to tell you what I did to get my first (*paid*) position as a UX/UI designer.

Get a mentor, supporter, or design buddy

It’s hard to know where to start with…

There’s more to you than what meets the eye

woman doing a yoga with sun shining behind her
woman doing a yoga with sun shining behind her
📸 Credit to Eternal Happiness

Spiritual health doesn’t get nearly as much attention or care as physical or even mental health do. And, while it makes sense, given the fast-paced, material world we live in, it saddens me to see how disconnected some people are from their own selves and, consequently, from others around them. All too often, I’m confronted with people who have no interest in anything beyond the physical. Money, status, power are all they’re chasing in this world. And, yet, isn’t there more to life than that?

As someone who’s had prophetic dreams since childhood, experiences with the extra-human world, and psychic…

Because why not?

📸 Credit to Ady April.

Looking through pieces I wrote years ago, I can tell you one thing. While they were structurally and grammatically sound, they were, to put it plainly, boring. Lifeless. Monotonous. You catch my drift? It wasn’t until a few months ago that I realized the essence of writing goes beyond that which is written. Truly successful writing invokes emotion. Shows the depth of one’s thoughts. And, most importantly, is fun for the writer themselves.

Now, how do we go about making writing fun? …

The social injustice foundation that has led to a climate disaster

grayscale image of a factory releasing fumes into the atmosphere
grayscale image of a factory releasing fumes into the atmosphere
Photo Credit to Karl Gerber

The more I learn about climate change, the more I realize the role that social justice has in reversing it. When it comes to who suffers most from impacts of climate change, it’s mostly countries from the Global South. It’s low-income communities who are unable to move to places with better quality of life standards. And its’s the BIPOC community that so often faces the consequences of environmental racism, living in areas that are heavily polluted or near toxic waste incinerators. Now, sure, while we may think that we can simply use technology to get us out of this climate…

How my creative work has set me free

white bird flying in cloud-filled sky
white bird flying in cloud-filled sky
Image Credit to Nikola Stojanovic.

A few years back, I recall struggling massively with any form of creative writing. I preferred to take on a third-person role in my writing, succinctly ejecting myself out of the very words I was crafting. In a sense, I thought that this was what good writing was all about — getting straight to the facts and leaving nothing to chance. While I was content with writing page-long essays on any given subject, I felt stifled by the formalities that they seemed to necessitate. …

Nothing worthwhile to see here… or is there?

Image Credit to Maia Habegger.

I’ve struggled with imposter syndrome for as long as I remember. Despite being what one may call ‘successful,’ I often felt that I was fooling myself and everyone around me.

I found myself thinking, ‘well, that was just a strike of good luck’ or ‘that was no biggie, anyone could do it.’ Being awarded valedictorian in high school? Well, the school was small so not much competition there. Going to state for an academic challenge? Eh, it was just dumb luck.

So, of course, upon starting my work in UX/UI design as well as expanding my writing career, I also…

Ewelina Adamczak

Writing to inspire. Designing with empathy. Advocating for equality. Fighting for a better world. 🌎

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